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Friday, February 5, 2010

Red Eye Removal

Sometimes we're experiencing after we took a picture the picture has a red eye. That's why my post is all about Red Eye Removal. Last December we celebrate our Christmas Party off course there is a picture taking. Then when i saw the images most of them has a red eye. That's why i edit them.

Okay let's start....

Open the picture that has a red eye same as mine.

Once you opened the picture that you want to be edit go to Red Eye Tool if you can't see the Red Eye Tool on the Tool Bars. The Red Eye Tool is on the Spot Healing Brush

After you click the Red Eye Tool start clicking on the eye of the image after you clicking you see the Red Eye is gone that's it. I hope this tutorial help you...

Here is the result

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February'S Wallpaper

At last. It's been a week before i use our computer. Because our computer is needed a reformatting because the current of our electricity here is not too strong. That's why everytime i'm going to use it at 7:00 pm be expect that computer is going to turn off automatically. But the good thing is our new software is Windows 7.

And as my project for this month of February is to post a walpaper.

enjoy :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Downloadable Wallpaper


that's the only one that i created because i have an appointment to the president of our block. i have to go bye

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Friendster Layout New Moon Saga

While i'm surfing i saw a picture of Edward Cullens. Until i decided to create a another art.

and here is the code

{ Background Properties }
table, tr, td { background-color:transparent;}
body {
background-position:center center;

.FreeCodeSource.com { Table Properties }
.commonbox {
background-image:url('Enter Image URL');
background-position:top center;
.commonbox h1, .commonbox h2 {background-color:624500;}
.commonbox .evenrow {background-color:transparent;}

{ Text Properties }
.usercontent {font-family:arial !important; color:f4ac00 !important; }
.commonbox h1, .commonbox h2 {font-family:arial !important; color:f4ac00 !important; }
.data, .controlpanel .q {font-family:arial !important; color:f4ac00 !important; }

{ Link Properties }
.usercontent a, .usercontent a:link, .usercontent a:visited, .usercontent a:active {font-family:arial !important; color:f4ac00 !important; font-style:normal; }
.usercontent a:hover {font-family:arial !important; color:f4ac00 !important; font-style:normal; }

{ Button Properties }
#controlPanelButtons a, #controlPanelButtons a:link, #controlPanelButtons a:visited {color:f4ac00;background-color:transparent;border-color:transparent;font-family:arial !important; border-style:solid !important; }
#controlPanelButtons a:hover {background-color:transparent;border-color:transparent;}

{ Misc Properties }
.commonbox .dr {background-color:transparent;}}

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wish that i granted

Being a busy person this past holidays i don't have time to check my profile at facebook, friendster, twitter even my "blogs". Until i get a free time i decided to check those profiles of mine. Then when i checked my blog i saw a new comment at the chat box at my sidebar i don't know if that person is a boy or girl?!. I don't care what is the gender of that person the important is i have a new visitor at my blog.

This person asking about my post how to do it. Being this blog is a tutorial blog i decided to post a new tutorial.

Let's start the tutorial

First open the picture that you want to edit after opening the picture at photoshop duplicate it by hitting Ctrl+j. After duplicating the layer go to Image>Adjustment>Hue and Saturation. Change the Hue at +180 while the Saturation is -100.

After editing the Hue and Saturation let's go to the final step. Add a new layer then go to brush choose the soften circle brush, for me i used 300px. Then choose the color that fit to your art.

After putting the brushes change the Blending mode to overlay then that's it.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber is one of the most popular young artist in ameroca also whole over the world. He become popular at his song that titled "One Time". This song is very great. That's why i decided to make him as a model at my new design.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

an inspiration

i decided to post this one of my art's to inspired all of you guys to create a one beautiful photo manipulate...
so enjoy :)

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